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General Knowledge Quiz 1

  1. What did the D stand for in Franklin D.Roosevelt?   

  2. Which fish is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock?   

  3. What is olfactory organ better known as?   

  4. In which country do red onions originate?   

  5. How many lines in a limerick?   

  6. What colour is the plumage on the head of a male mallard?   

  7. Which special name is given to a group of ravens?   

  8. Which country do Volkswagen cars originate in?   

  9. Which island hosts a TT Motor Cycle race in June?   

  10. Which 'copper' tree has reddish brown leaves?   

  11. In sailing, what is a warp?   

  12. What type of food is Cannelloni?   

  13. How many heads did Fluffy have in the 1st Harry Potter Book?    

  14. What flower would you find in an orchestra?   

  15. In which Sea is Cuba?   

  16. What is the background colour of motorway signs?   

  17. What is a young stallion called?   

  18. What are Pipistrelles?   

  19. What country is Pecorino cheese from?   

  20. Man has seven vertebrae in his neck. How many does a giraffe have?   

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