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General Knowledge Quiz 7

  1. Which sea separates Europe and Africa?    

  2. How many minutes in half a day?    

  3. Where in a horse is the coffin joint?    

  4. In golf what is the term for two over par?    

  5. Which country's flag shows a green star on a red background?    

  6. What number is represented by LXXVII in Roman numerals?    

  7. How many pints in a gallon?    

  8. What is a group of cats called?    

  9. How many decades are there in two centuries?    

  10. What do entomologists study?    

  11. What meat dish is Cumberland famous for?    

  12. People who are terdekaphobic are afraid of what?    

  13. What is the largest state of the USA?    

  14. Which country originally produced Volvo cars?    

  15. What is the singular of scampi?    

  16. What type of stone is the Koh-i-noor?    

  17. Hawthorn traditionally blooms in which month?    

  18. How many legs has a daddy-long-legs?    

  19. What is Finlands national flower?    

  20. In which country is the Corinth Canal?    

correct on first try